Norix intensive-use furniture is safe, secure and built to last…providing outstanding long-term value and peace of mind for your staff. For facilities not using contractors or consultants, it makes sense to reinforce the benefits of the furniture with an installation from Norix.

Benefits of Norix Installation Services:

  • Expert installation services, performed by professionals experienced in all areas of intensive use facilities.
  • Complex installation capabilities, including field drilling into concrete, secure bolt-down and application of security caulk.
  • All labor, installation hardware and materials included.
  • Seamless transaction on same purchase order as furniture.
  • Reinforces product warranty.

Norix Installation Includes:

  • Preparing a detailed Scope of Work document.
  • Project scheduling & coordination.
  • Coordinating shipping and delivery from Norix.
  • Meeting the delivery truck, off-loading and staging the furniture.
  • Distributing the furniture throughout the facility.
  • Un-installing and removal of previous furniture (additional charges apply)
  • Assembling the furniture to Norix specifications.
  • Precise and secure installation of furniture to Norix specifications.
  • All tamper-resistant mounting hardware provided.
  • All labor provided as per installation scope of work.
  • Removing all packing materials and debris.
  • Conducting a walk-through with facility representative to obtain final sign-off.

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