The Sierra Nevada Job Corps (SNJC) in Reno, NV  offers young people free academic and vocational training needed to improve their lives and land good jobs. On top of that, SNJC also offers a pretty sweet place to sit and eat your lunch, drink a cup of coffee or take a break.

Specifically, the center recently built a new cafeteria big enough to serve more than 300 students and chose Norix® Furniture’s Oasis Cafeteria Tables for its table and seating option. This series of dining tables comes with seating often called cluster seating and offers extreme durability, comfort and security. It also meets ADA requirements.

Aside from the extreme reliability, Oasis is also aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the SNJC facility made good use of Norix® Furniture’s Naturals Color Palette and chose chairs in Mojave and Canyon – colors that fit in perfectly with the surrounding region – and had them installed in a checkered pattern from one end of the facility to the other.

And to ensure that the tables were properly installed, SNJC used Norix® Furniture’s Installation Services. These services are particularly useful for facilities that do not have on-site teams to provide installation. Norix® Installation Services offers:

  • Expert installation services, performed by professionals experienced in all facility installations.
  • Complex installation capabilities, including field drilling into concrete, secure bolt-down and application of security caulk.
  • All labor, installation hardware and materials.
  • Seamless transaction on same purchase order as furniture.
  • A reinforced product warranty.

Click here to learn more about our Oasis Cafeteria Tables or visit this website to learn more about our installation services. To view more photos, visit our Sierra Nevada Job Corps photo gallery.