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Behavioral health environments like memory care communities present an incredibly unique set of challenges. Finding the appropriate balance of comfort and beauty to complement the extreme safety, security and durability requirements can quite literally be a matter of life and death. 

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Mental Health Furniture That Humanizes Challenging Environments

At Norix, our mission of humanizing behavioral health environments is at the heart of every product we create. Our team of designers and engineers scrutinize over every minute detail with a fundamental focus on producing innovative products with Features That Matter, for both the patients striving to be well and the care givers dedicating their lives to this effort.

The Features That Matter

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Trusted Healthcare Furniture

Vesta Seating, Forte Tables, and Prodigy Bedroom Furniture are examples of the kind of leading innovations Norix has pioneered for over 40 years.  Each line has the unique ability to humanize an environment without sacrificing safety or durability.  These molded products are highly cleanable, even with hospital-grade cleaners, including bleach, perfect for mental healthcare and memory care environments.


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Prodigy™ Bedroom Series

Warmth Of Wood,
Performance Of Polymer

A game-changer in behavioral healthcare, Prodigy is designed and engineered to overcome the daunting challenge of creating a humanized environment without sacrificing safety, security, and long-term performance.  Prodigy looks like traditional wooden furniture, complete with texture and color variations.  Its one-piece polymer form, however, beats traditional wood in endurance, cleanability, and safety.

Welcoming & Waiting

Lobbies and reception areas are often subjected to the highest amount of traffic in your facility. Seating and tables must be able to maintain high durability levels and easy cleanability while simultaneously contributing to the overall aesthetic of the space. Furniture designed specifically for behavioral healthcare is essential for all areas of a facility.

Activity Room

New research shows that creating normalized environments that closely reflect life outside the facility has a positive impact on the well-being of patients. While the objective is to create a space that feels warm, inviting and encourages patient interaction, it is still imperative that these spaces maintain a high level of safety, security and cleanliness.


Cafeteria and dining hall settings play a key role in promoting socialization within a facility. Safely providing patients with exposure to environments that reflect the real-world can help support the rehabilitation process and better prepare them for life outside the facility.

Outdoor Space

Providing access to outdoor spaces allows patients the opportunity to actively engage in their own recovery. The outdoors has proven to be an ideal nurturing environment, full of fresh air and natural light.

Single Room

The use of natural light, pops of color and various connections to nature in patient rooms has proven to have a positive impact on a patient’s rehabilitative journey. The integration of these design elements, along with a strict emphasis on patient safety and security, has vastly changed the way behavioral healthcare is approached.

Double Room

The use of traditional wood furnishings can create a warm, homelike atmosphere, but also leaves facilities vulnerable to issues like splintering,
bed bugs and moisture absorption. The Prodigy® Bedroom Series delivers the look of real wood with all of the benefits of a high-performance polymer.

Staff Area

The mental, emotional and physical well-being of staff members is a priority for all behavioral health facilities. Providing staff with certain amenities like areas of relief, areas to collaborate with other staff members and access to natural light can have an immense impact on their general well-being, enabling them to provide patients with better care.

How We Design For Behavioral Healthcare

Norix is a leading provider of behavioral healthcare furniture solutions specially designed for facilities looking to create safe and secure environments. Designed and engineered specifically for critical applications, Norix psychiatric furniture is ideal for facilities unwilling to compromise on safety or humanizing aesthetics in pursuit of a therapeutic environment.

Our unique mental healthcare furniture includes anti-ligature products designed after consultation with field-experienced practitioners who are trained in safety requirements for patients and staff. Our durable furniture products are easy to clean, tamper-resistant, and resilient to cleaning agents and fluids.

Furniture selection requires a thoughtful ranking of features and priorities. Norix provides innovative solutions to the unique challenges presented in behavioral healthcare facilities. In collaboration with BHC professionals, years of innovation have produced industry-trusted breakthroughs in safe and attractive healthcare furnishings.

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