Furniture’s versatility is an extremely important feature that designers consider when creating a new facility layout or re-vamping an existing atmosphere. Seeing that this was important, Norix decided to interview designers who helped with creating the Forté™ Versatility Important Feature of FurnitureSeries furniture concept and asked them about the importance of versatility when designing and how the new line displays this.

The Versatility of Forte video features interviews with designers Tara Rae Hill, Principal + Designer of LittleFISH think tank and Greg Saul, Industrial Designer of Tolleson Saul Design. Both designers discuss the latest Forté™ Series designer furniture  from Norix in the detailed video below:

Tara: So the best way to describe Norix’s Forte standard offerings is, I can really do it in one word, is versatility. It is a super, heavily comprehensive, versatile array of materiality.

Greg: By incorporating a modular system with this design, we’re able to use the same base dimension for the armchair, the armless chair, and the tables, and this gives us more versatility, but it also allowed us to bring in new materials that we have not used before.

Tara: They are really meant to be put together in many different combinations, permutations, with the idea that the designer and/or owner came come up with just an infinite array of unique looks, but also hit that function need, whatever that function need has to be.

Greg: The versatility is in colors but also in layout. We have ganging features for each of the different bases so we’ll be able to group them together into conversational groups and by mixing the colors the possibilities are endless.

Tara: The versatility of the Forte standard offerings is really infinite and that’s what I love about it, it just has an infinite possibility of arrangement of looks and appeals, but also spatial solutions.

Greg: Norix is offering both chairs in eight plastic colors and a wood base in several different colors, a metal base, an all plastic base, which gives us a lot of options for mixing and matching the colors together, not only for different facilities, but even across the same facility where they may want to use colors in different ways and to get a different feel as the product flows through a facility.

There are a lot of markets that could benefit from this furniture that Norix is making. The roto-molded is tough, you know, we found a way to make it more comfortable, we have these base options that could fit into public area seating, in corporate lobbies, in public spaces, transportation hubs, bus stations, airports I think would be a good market for this seating.

Tara: They are across markets so the standards are really meant to be not just for healthcare but for hospitality as well as behavioral healthcare. So to really run the gamut of high use environments and the more you start interplaying these finishes, and I believe you can do it all in one space, I believe the layering will improve and the more fun the look will become.

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