A Look at How Video Visitation Can Reduce Recidivism, Cut Costs and Make Correctional Facilities Safer

Video visitation uses video-conferencing technologies that allow inmates and their family/friends to see and communicate with each other through monitors or other electronic devices while each party is at a different location or facility.  Some of the benefits of video visitation include:

  • Reduction in recidivism rates
  • Reduced costs for facilities since fewer hours are used to move inmates to visitation areas
  • Online registration and scheduling improve ease and accessibility for visitors
  • Reduced lines and wait times for visitor check-in
  • More visits can be conducted and visitation hours expanded without additional staff
  • Decreased contraband transfer between visitor and inmate since each party is at a different location
  • Allowing law enforcement officials to listen to conversations and gather evidence regarding criminal behavior

In this white paper, we point to leading resources and include commentary from industry experts that discuss why video visitation is a valuable investment for correctional facilities. It also will report how this method of visitation can help inmates re-enter society ( and stay there) and lend advice on what steps to take if your correctional facility is looking to implement video visitation. You can download the video visitation white paper here for free.