Color is a vital design tool in providing a therapeutic environment that helps reduce tension, assist in behavior modification and enhance resident and staff safety. That’s why Norix Furniture – a provider of products for all challenging environments – is constantly tweaking, modifying and re-imagining the colors in which we manufacture our furniture.

And today we are happy to announce the launch of our New Naturals Color Palette, an enhanced set of 10 hues selected by Tara Hill of Little Fish Think Tank who looked toward evidence-based research when choosing the new colors.

“Color plays a role on all surfaces and elements: floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, privacy panels and on and on,” Hill said. “This does not mean that every element must be an expressive hue, which actually should not be the case. It does mean, however, that all items should be given conscious thought and consideration regarding their design and color.”

Leading research indicates that interiors with interesting uses of color that are not overly neutral can experience many positive outcomes that can:

  • Reduce behavioral discord
  • Promote dignity and encourage socialization
  • Improve resident and staff morale
  • Serve as a positive distraction
  • Uplift the spirit and soothe the psyche
  • Provide a visual interest and positive distraction

The New Naturals Color Palette – which was designed with all of these key elements in mind – is timeless and inspired by nature and can help facilities with the mental and physical wellbeing of the residents and staff who spend time within their walls.

The application of color can be tricky, however. And an interior design that was orchestrated with good intentions may, in fact, have a negative effect on those in the facility. With that in mind, Norix Furniture is providing the following resources to help designers, architects and facility managers make wise choices when implementing color. The two white papers – authored by Tara Hill – are in depth documents that point to leading research on how and why color should be used, while the Norix Design Guide gives you a thorough overview of our products and the colors they come in, along with the fabric options available.

White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Correctional Facilities

The Norix Furniture Design Guide