Anti-Ligature Prison Beds To Refine Correctional Environments

We understand that security is a prime concern among correctional facility staff and residents, alike. However, there’s an element that often goes overlooked that can indirectly affect personal safety: civilized design. Norix’s collection of prison bunk beds makes it possible to have incredible durability, heightened protection and comfortable, aesthetic-driven sleeping arrangements to improve well-being and keep all parties safe.

Attenda Gives You The Options You Need!

The Attenda Series by Norix is a mainstay for correctional facilities across the country due to its unparalleled versatility and immense durability. These beds offer inmates the features and benefits that come with a more humanized prison environment.

Maximize Space & Durability With Ironman Detention Bunk Beds

Our Ironman bunks provide the reliable performance and durability you get from pure steel construction. These bunk beds are designed for safety and engineered to endure, making them the ideal solution for jail settings. With the Ironman series, you have options for your sleep surfaces including single bunks, double bunks, floor-mounted or wall-mount. You can choose between fully welded or bolt-together models – each comes standard with tamper-resistant hardware.

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Bed Bug-Resistant Custody Mattresses

Pests of all kinds can make their way into even the most secure communal living spaces. Bed bugs, in particular, have a way of making an individual feel humiliated and degraded. Our custody mattresses are specifically designed with sealed seams to minimize potential infestations. Fluid-resistant covers simplify sanitation as springless fiber cores help prevent pieces of the mattress from becoming weaponized.

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Stack-A-Bunk®: A Safer Solution to Temporary Overcrowding

Overflows and congestion happen, but this occasional occurrence shouldn’t put your team in or other inmates in harm’s way. As part of Norix’s powerful Ironman® series, the Stack-A-Bunk creates a serviceable and convenient sleeping surface that can be easily stacked and stored once the situation has been resolved.

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Outside The Frame: Additional Ways Norix Can Enhance Prison Environments

Safe and cleanable beds are just one of the ways we can help to further humanize your correctional facility. We also offer a number of other prison furniture options, including:

We’re Here To Help You Improve The Lives Of Residents

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