Placing Modern Healthcare Furniture Into Aging Facilities

The Prodigy Bedroom line of Norix Furniture is robust in structure and elegant in appearance. This unique blend makes it a highly versatile product that will blend well into state-of-the-art facilities and historic properties alike.

Older healthcare facilities face unique challenges in updating their furniture. Not only must this selection of modern healthcare furniture blend well into the environment, but it requires expertise when it comes to installation. As the decades’ pass, buildings may have some unexpected challenges such as corners that are not quite ninety degrees, floors that are not flat, and doorway openings outside of the standards.

Professional Furniture Installation Services To Handle the Heavy Lifting

Dave and Kathy MacKinnon share their expertise in specifying and working with Norix furniture installation services to tackle these challenges and deliver a high-quality bedroom setting for this healthcare environment.

“The safety, durability, and cleanliness needs, along with factors such as limited budget and an aging property, were a complex set of circumstances for this property,” said Kathy MacKinnon.“We were happy to introduce Prodigy to the administrators and delighted to see another successful installation.”