Sealed Seam MattressesNorix® Furniture, a provider of durable furniture products for more than 30 years, now provides a solution for facilities that are in need of mattresses that stand up to the wear and tear of continuous use that often causes the breakdown of furniture products.

The company’s new Comfort Shield Sealed Seam Mattresses feature radio frequency welded seams that ensure there are no openings around the product. As a result, these seams protect against bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens, bed bugs and contraband penetration for enhanced hygiene, security and durability. Unlike the traditional method of using stitches, radio frequency welding creates a strong, perpetual bond between two pieces of mattress material through the use of heat generated by electromagnetic energy.

“This is a major step up from stitched seams because we are creating a consistent barrier around the circumference of the mattress,” Brad Karl, Norix® Furniture Product Manager, said. “These mattresses are ideal for challenging environments that are constantly battling product breakdown due to constant use or tampering. In the end, these mattresses will help keep people in these facilities safe. This solution also will save these facilities money since they won’t need to replace mattresses every six months.”

Although Comfort Shield Sealed Seam Mattresses are ideal for any challenging environment, the line includes products designed especially for healthcare and correctional facilities and includes three different mattress solutions. And while the sealed seam is the highlight feature of this line, the three mattress grade levels come with additional safeguards, including:

Norix® Blue – Made with a comfortable pillow option, this durable mattress includes a polyurethane-coated, fire-retardant cover with a radio-frequency welded sealed seam that is guaranteed not to break.

Silver Secure – This secure product includes the same protections as Norix® Blue but also comes with a ripstop scrim that prevents tearing and provides additional protection against bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens, bed bugs and puncture attempts.

Black Max – The Black Max mattress is engineered with advanced security made for the most demanding environments. It features a radio frequency welded sealed seam that is reinforced with internal stitching and guaranteed not to break. The extremely durable, three-ply polyurethane-coated cover features a reinforced rip-stop scrim for enhanced hygiene, security and durability.

“We know that different facilities face different challenges. That is why we didn’t produce a one size fits all product,” Karl said. “These three grades of mattresses give facilities the options that they need to ensure they are picking the right product for their environment.”

To learn more about our Comfort Shield Sealed Seam Mattresses, click here. And to see just how durable our mattresses are, watch our sealed seam mattress durability video below.