Creating A More Welcoming Space In Your Lobby & Waiting Rooms

Uncertainty, despair, excitement – only in a hospital waiting room can all three emotions be shared in the same space at the same time. While we can’t ensure ideal therapeutic outcomes, we can make sure friends and family are comfortable while they await the next round of news. Our furniture for hospital waiting rooms and lobbies provides a safe space where people can relax – no matter their circumstances.

Waiting Room Furniture Designed To Comfort & Keep Kids Busy

A hospital can be a confusing environment for kids. They may not know why they are there. They may not know why people look sad. To help give some solace to these youngsters, we have designed a few low-pressure products that are colorful, durable and give parents a chance to get their thoughts together. They include:

Terra™ Seating: Where Modular Design Gets Sophisticated

Available in regular, bariatric and tandem models, the Terra Series is our answer to hospital systems that are seeking out a highly durable chair that can be easily cleaned and will fit in with other elements of the room. Set them out on their own or combine them in a row – no matter how you layout your space, Terra will welcome everyone.

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The Vesta™ Series: Durable, Enjoyable & Cleanable Waiting Room Chairs

With multiple colors to choose from and upholstery options available, our Vesta seating line helps brighten any space where people meet. This collection uniquely blends ultra-safe design with beautiful curved surfaces and vibrant hues. Vesta’s attractive modern appearance is an appropriate complement to any interior environment.

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Meet Forté®, The Versatile & Ballastable Hospital Lobby Table

This collection merges heightened aesthetic appeal with great resistance, making it an ideal solution for first impressions and long-term use. Steel-to-steel connections improve the structural integrity of these modern guest chairs, while the lightly textured, maintenance-free surface allows for simplified cleaning.

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Bringing The Room Together

The benefits of choosing Norix extend beyond the durability and safety built into each product. Every series and model we create is designed to seamlessly blend with the others, meaning you never have to worry about mismatched furniture or jarring aesthetics. We are here to help you create a more cohesive, sanitary and pleasant experience for your staff, your patients and their loved ones.

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Ready To Add More Comfort To More Lives?

We invite you to get in touch with us today to discuss your hospital waiting room furniture needs. Simply give us a call or request a quote and a trusted Norix product expert will contact you shortly with all of the answers you need. Maybe it’s a single piece of furniture. Maybe you’re looking to outfit a completely new facility. Either way, we can help you soften the edges of the environment.

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