This is definitely not a chip off the old block – pun intended. This is Wink™, a newly envisioned lounge chair with attitude, aesthetics and durability to boot. It’s a cure for the ordinary, with a wide array of colors and fabrics to choose from. It’s cool. It’s hip. And its bold curves make other chairs seem pretty square.

“A good friend once told me that if you follow the pack, the scenery never changes,” Abdullah Shahzad, the engineer at Norix® who designed Wink, said. “But, if you lead the pack there are no pre-carved paths, therefore no rules. That’s the route we took when we decided to create a product like Wink. It’s different than anything out in the marketplace. And that is what we were aiming for.”

Unlike similar products which mix wood frames and upholstery, Wink features a sturdy, one-piece rotationally molded polyethylene frame with a lightly textured surface that allows for easy cleaning. Wood finishes, on the other hand, are prone to wearing off which exposes dry wood after repeated contact with natural oils from hands. This often causes the front edge of the arm to become damaged. Additionally, wood splinters and cracks, and the once-popular butcher block design is outdated and overly traditional instead of interesting, dynamic and colorful.

Wink also features non-removable nylon glides that protect your floors, and the frame’s Premium TruColor™ material is fully compounded for superior color, fire retardancy, and quality assurance. And with hundreds of upholstery selections to choose from, Wink gives you options. Select organic, abstract or geometric patterns, all of which can come in the greens, blues, oranges, reds and foggy grays of nature. Our upholstery also comes in a variety of performance options so you can choose the appropriate fabric for the spaces in your facility.

“Wink allows you to pick and choose from a variety of frame colors and upholstery options,” Shahzad said. “It’s such a versatile product. Facilities can purchase chairs that perfectly match their environment, or they can create a palette of colors that are different but still fit in with the overall theme of their space. People like options, and Wink definitely has plenty of those.”

Wink cushions are fully upholstered and filled with polyurethane foam and connected to the frame with tamper-resistant hardware and molded-in steel inserts for a secure steel-to-steel connection. Additionally, the chair features wipe out spaces on the sides and a clean out space behind the seat so you can keep this chair clean for years to come.

But there is so much more to this chair. Visit the Wink website to learn more about this unique and trailblazing product. There you can learn more about its features, and download spec pages and a brochure. You can also watch videos that show how durable the product is and how easy it is to change out upholstery in the field.

In the meantime, watch the commercial below to experience the versatility and downright fun of Wink.