There’s an old adage that says it’s not what’s on the outside but rather what’s on the inside that counts. Well, we here at Norix® like to buck tradition, and have created a new line of contemporary furniture that’s just as impressive internally as it is externally.

It’s called the Harmony Series, and it blends form and function to deliver the unique combination of exceptional durability and a residential look for facilities that need humanizing products for their challenging environments.

“Harmony is a unique product line because it’s impressive both on the inside and outside,” Brad Karl, Norix® Furniture’s Director of Innovation, said. “You look at it and immediately recognize it as an attractive lounge series that can fit into a variety of environments. But it also delivers extreme durability for facilities that need this in their spaces.”

On the inside

Harmony is constructed with a robust, fully welded steel frame which delivers maximum strength and durability. To boot, the furniture products feature full length, one piece, pick resistant, securely fixed polyurethane arm caps that are attached with a secure steel-to-steel connection to the frame, providing extreme safety and protection that will ensure the products stand up to constant use.

“We felt there was a hole in the market and too often facilities were having to choose between aesthetics and durability,” Karl said. “We believe that is a false choice. And with Harmony, we have blended these two concepts, and facilities no longer have to compromise.”

On the outside

Harmony is just as impressive on the outside, and that’s due to its modern design and the vastness of its upholstery options. In fact, when choosing Harmony products, facilities have hundreds of upholstery options. Selections include organic, abstract or geometric patterns, all of which come in an abundance of colors. Upholstery also comes in a variety of performance grades so you can choose the appropriate fabric for your facility.


In addition to its extremely durable frame and the beauty of the upholstery options, the Harmony Series is highly practical as well. In order to help facilities keep their product clean and protect their furniture investment, Harmony chairs come with an optional cleanout at the seat and back junction. This opening allows fluids, food and other debris to drop straight to the floor and not into the chair’s base – a highly useful option for facilities that see a lot of traffic.

Complete seating line

When it comes to healthcare and commercial facilities, options are paramount. And although Harmony’s signature piece is its arm chair, the series also features sofas and loveseats which – like the lounge chair – come with short or full aprons, and round or square backs. In addition, Harmony offers two and three seat benches, coffee tables, end tables, and bariatric and high back seating options that allow facilities to design a harmonious look in their spaces.

“We tried to approach this project by asking ourselves, ‘how is this product going to improve these environments.’ Sometimes these environments can be pretty institutional feeling,” Karl said. “And facility managers are having to chose something that’s attractive, but maybe isn’t durable enough to live in these unique environments. And we felt that was really unfortunate. And the ability to merge those two ideas – that something can be both durable and aesthetically pleasing – well that was really our goal here.”

Learn more

Visit the Harmony website to learn more about the product, and watch our interviews below to learn more about the concept behind the series. Additionally, watch our destructive video below to witness the durability of Harmony.