Polarity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with accumulation of negative charge concentration in red (surrounding more electronegative chlorine atoms) and reduced negative charge concentration in blue (surrounding less electronegative hydrogen side of molecule).By BirgitLachner – Own work, CC0,

RF Welding: What is it and why is it important for mattress construction

You may have heard the term “RF Welding” before and wondered what it means.  Radiofrequency welding, also known as dielectric welding and high-frequency welding, is a process used to induce heat to seal together polymers.  

Some molecules in plastics have an asymmetrical distribution of charge (dipole). Subjecting a dipole molecule to an electrical force (such as done in RF welding) will cause itself to align with that charge. By alternating that electrical charge, the dipole molecule reverses.

It is this simple back and forth molecule reversal that (when done at just right frequency) causes the molecules to shift back and forth to generate heat. When the rate is too slow, there is little heat generated. When the frequency is too fast, the molecules don’t have enough time to shift.

RF Welding is common in healthcare products such as IV drip bags

Why is RF welding critical?

The benefit comes when material bonds together with RF welding. It is the most effective way to create a highly durable, leak-proof connection.   

By combining the strength of the two materials, the bond is more robust than either of the two pieces by themselves. The seam is heavy-duty and highly resistant to ripping making it superior to traditional fastening techniques. For heavy-use scenarios in harsh conditions, RF welding is the solution for durable seams.  

Why is RF welding necessary for mattresses?

Durable Mattresses

Traditional mattresses suffer in intensive use environments due to a variety of reasons.  Material and seams both play an important role in longevity when mattresses are subjected to fluids.  RF welded seams provide air-tight seals that cannot be accomplished with traditional mechanical fastening techniques.

Norix Furniture utilizes RF welding in all of our mattresses. The technology is critical for mattresses designed for use in corrections, behavioral healthcare, and transitional housing.

Norix correctional mattresses limit the ability to hide contraband and provide for easy sanitation. Norix transitional housing mattresses eliminate bed-bug infestations and are easy to clean. In behavioral healthcare, Norix mattresses are relied upon for safety and cleanliness.  

Wikipedia on RF Welding

PVC molecule image courtesy of Wikipedia

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