Crafting a Safer Healing Environment

In healthcare, especially in psychiatric and mental health facilities, the quality and functionality of furniture are crucial. Norix, a leader in hospital furniture, recently partnered with Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. This case study details how Norix’s anti-ligature furniture has transformed Pine Rest’s approach to patient care.

Addressing Safety Concerns in Psychiatric Settings

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, one of the largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the U.S., needed furniture that met stringent safety standards. Their main concern was reducing the risk of self-harm among patients while providing a comfortable setting.

Tailored Furniture for Mental Health Facilities

Norix provided a comprehensive solution with its range of mental health furniture. The furniture includes anti-ligature features to prevent self-harm. These products meet and exceed the safety and durability standards required in high-risk environments.

Product Highlights: Innovations in Anti-Ligature and Durable Design

anti ligature forte cafe table

Anti-Ligature Features

The furniture installed at Pine Rest eliminates ligature points, significantly reducing the risk of self-harm. This includes beds, chairs, and tables with rounded edges and tamper-proof fastenings.

anti-ligature forte guest arm chair in sage green

Durability and Safety

Norix’s psychiatric hospital furniture withstands the rigors of healthcare environments. The materials used are highly durable and resistant to damage, ensuring long-term usability and safety.

attenda bedroom furniture display example

Aesthetic and Comfort

Despite the focus on safety, our furniture also provides comfort and aesthetics. These products create a welcoming and therapeutic environment.

Featured Furniture Lines: Attenda® Series and Forté™ Series

Pine Rest decided to renovate an inpatient unit for acute patients with a purposeful, evidence-based design. When it came time to purchase furniture, they chose our Attenda® Series Patient Room Furniture and Forté™ Series Seating and Tables (pictured above). These lines offer exceptional safety, durability, and therapeutic design.

Seamless Integration into Pine Rest’s Facility

Our team worked closely with the facility’s management to ensure seamless integration. The project included patient rooms, common areas, and treatment spaces, outfitted with commercial-grade hospital furniture.

Enhancing Safety and Satisfaction for Patients and Staff

Since the furniture installation, Pine Rest has seen a significant improvement in safety and satisfaction. The anti-ligature furniture minimized self-harm incidents, allowing staff to focus more on therapeutic care.

The Impact of Specialized Hospital Furniture

The collaboration with Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services underscores the importance of specialized hospital furniture in improving patient safety and care. Our range of anti-ligature and durable furniture solutions is essential for any facility aiming to provide high-quality care in psychiatric and mental health settings.

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