In the healthcare industry, patient and staff safety are becoming more and more important to healthcare professionals. Various efforts have been made to support this concern. Recently, Norix Group addressed the need for improving safety by developing the new Attenda® Bed and Riser. Designed for critical environments, the bed and riser offer innovative features to enhance patient and staff safety.

The Attenda® Bed is preferred by mental health practitioners because of its non-porous one-piece construction – molded in a impact polymer, with no seams, frames or moving parts. The safety attributes of the bed are enhanced with the addition of an accompanying riser that raises the bed a full eight inches.

According to Brad Karl, Norix Product Manager, the bed height and the ability to use patient lift devices are critical safety issues for patients AND staff. The riser actually accomodates patient lift devices, making it easier to transfer patients to their beds safely.

Brad mentions, “The new Attenda Riser raises the bed height to a level that allows staff members to administer to patients more easily.  Patient egress from the bed is also enhanced – which is particularly helpful for geriatric patients.  And the unique design of the new riser permits the use of patient lift devices – without frames or legs that may pose a patient safety concern.”

Patient and Staff Safety with Attenda Bed RiserKey benefits of the Attenda® Bed and Riser are their extreme durability and their ability to anchor to the floor for maximum security.  The Attenda® Bed and Riser are available in a broad range of color combinations.

You can download specifications and images or view additional specialized furnishings for healthcare. Interested in learning more about Attenda®? Check out the Attenda® brochure.

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