If there is one thing that’s always true when picking out furniture, it’s that people like options. Having more options allows one to more easily pick products that are appropriate and that coordinate with a facility’s look and feel.

That is why Norix® Furniture has decided to do a complete refresh on all of its tables, giving you the choice of eight new laminates, whether you are buying from our Max-Master, Forté, Oasis® or any other Norix® table series.

“We listen to customers, and we make choices using evidence-based research, and it only made sense to give facilities maximum choices when selecting tables,” Brad Karl, Norix® Director of Innovation, said. “Now, intensive-use spaces have the flexible to choose the exact table they want along with a laminate that matches their facility’s aesthetic.”


To boot, all tables with metal legs now come in three color options: black, taupe and metallic silver. This gives customers even more choices, providing them flexibility when matching legs to laminate tops in an effort to create harmonious spaces within their facilities.

“The most important take-away from this new offering is that while we are giving customers more options, we certainly are not giving up any of the durability that the company’s name was built upon,” Karl said. “These tables are just as resilient as before, but now they just come with more laminate and leg colors. We want our customers to know that we are constantly improving upon our products, whether new or old, in an effort to give them choices and more choices.”

For more information on our expanded table offerings or to request a quote, visit our tables page here.