When making purchases of any kind, one thing is for sure: People like options.

And it’s no different for those seeking behavioral healthcare furniture, commercial furniture, correctional furniture or any furniture that needs to be highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

That’s why Norix Furniture recently increased its upholstery options from four to 45 choices. But that’s just part of the exciting news. When considering the multitude of colors each option comes in, customers now have hundreds of upholstery choices for theirForté chairs that will allow them to customize their products and match furniture to their facility.

“This is a great offering for our customers,” Brad Karl, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Norix Furniture, said. “With such a massive upholstery selection, customers probably will now have a hard time picking which fabric they want, need or like the best.”

The new upholstery is produced by CF Stinson Inc., a company that “purveys innovative textiles that exceed customer expectations for design, performance, service and sustainability,” according to its website.

Once a customer has chosen a Norix seat or seats, they will then be directed to a Norix/Stinson microsite that features all of the upholstery that is available for Norix chairs. Customers can then choose from three different categories: Performance (Highly Durable Fabric), Vinyl and Non-PVC. Once an upholstery type is chosen, customers can sort upholstery by grade and style as a way to quickly find what they want. Lastly, after picking the desired option, they can then choose a hue from a vibrant color palette.

“The colors are rich. The patterns are vibrant. And we give the customer eight grade options so they can pick the fabric that is right for their facility,” Karl said. “We are very conscience when we pick materials for our products because we know from research and experience that not all upholstery options are created equal and are meant for all the different kinds of facilities that we provide solutions to.”

When you are ready to order, include the upholstery choice in your RFQ or when you are discussing your order with a sales representative. If you are not completely sold on the upholstery option, simply add your choice to the cart on the Norix/Stinson microsite and order a sample for your review which will be shipped second-day air and arrive in 48 hours.

The colors, patterns and material options were chosen by Norix Furniture to accompany its High Brights and Naturals Color Palettes. Both sets of hues are inspired by nature and are meant to humanize facilities that have historically been institutional in nature.

To learn more about the upholstery offerings and the effect that color has on facilities and environments, please visit the following resources: