Do you have an iPad? Well, we have an app for you.

In our effort to supply our audiences with vital information through as many platforms as possible – both digital and print – Norix Furniture now has an iPad app that you can download for free and obtain access to the most crucial and important information regarding our products and services at the click of an icon.

“The app gives you a great look at our products, services and mission here at Norix,” Brad Karl, Norix Director of Marketing and Innovation, said. “It’s slick, engaging and provides an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate.”

Now available through the App Store, the app isn’t a complete replication of the company’s website, which is a rich and valuable resource. Instead, it was designed to provide product highlights and eye-popping visuals that give an interactive overview of Norix Furniture. In particular, the app features:

  • Product images from all of our lines of furniture
  • In depth information on features and benefits
  • Durability videos that show how reliable our products are
  • Specification sheets and brochures in PDF form
  • Information on our color palettes and fabric options
  • Our mission statement and an overview video which tell the Norix story

During the downloading process, all of the app content will be loaded onto the user’s iPad. This will allow them to use the app whether they have internet access or not, an added feature that will allow them to view our products and information anywhere at any time.

“The app is available to everyone and is especially important to those who want to tell and share the Norix story,” Karl said.

The app will be updated on an as-needed basis. In the meantime, download our app and email us at with your feedback.