Shower Seat Norix ADAFully Recessed Wall-Mount Version Addresses Industry Need for ADA Compliancy

The first detention-grade, recessed stainless steel shower seat that is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is now available from Norix Group, a leading provider of correctional furniture and healthcare furniture.

The Norix ADA shower seat is fabricated from stainless steel, and the “L” shaped seat is fully compliant with ADA 4.21.3 and 4.26.3.  The product is also compliant with ANSI 610.3.2 and 610.4.  The seat features rounded corners for added safety and is tested to withstand a static load of 900 lbs.

According to Sandy Heitman, Project Manager, the fully recessed ADA Shower Seat addresses a real industry need. “Shower seats currently on the market are either not ADA compliant or surface mount seats that pose a safety risk,” said Heitman. “The new Norix ADA Shower seat features a wall-mount housing that is installed during wall construction. A sturdy folding seat then attaches securely to the wall mount assembly. When folded up, the seat is fully recessed into the wall housing for enhanced safety and security.”

The ADA Shower Seat is available now, as part of a complete line of Ironman® Detention Furnishings.  U.S. patents are pending. You can download the shower seat specifications and images. Take a look at other safety washroom accessories.

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