They wanted something hip. They wanted something with color. They wanted something that matched the industrial interior design.

They chose Norix Furniture’s Hondo Nuevo Series of commercial seating and lobby furniture.

Recently, the Panoramic – a new, mixed-use high rise in San Francisco near Twitter headquarters that includes 160 apartments, a café, multiple lobbies and other spaces – played host to a summit established by an organization called Endeavor which assists entrepreneurs that are developing high impact projects around the globe.

Patrick Kennedy, owner of Panoramic Interests, which built and owns the new facility, said he was searching the web for a product that would match the clean, minimalist design of the lobby area in anticipation of the event and the opening of the building.

“I was looking for a furniture product with a clean design and some color and something that was highly durable,” he said. “We wanted to provide a place where people could sit for a while and then move on. That’s why we chose the bench options, because benches convey a sense of movement and action because you aren’t going to spend a significant amount of time sitting on them. It’s perfect for a lobby setting.”

Specifically, Kennedy purchased three benches and six wedges, which allowed him to create a serpentine configuration, a popular shape that is often formed using Hondo Nuevo. Additionally, four Hondo Nuevo stools were purchased to go along with the benches and wedges, as well as four armless chairs that went in other areas of the building.

“It fits in perfect because the design of the furniture is classic and simple. It’s industrial, but hip because of the color. It’s high-end industrial,” he said. “It definitely stood out and we received multiple compliments on the furniture.”

Learn more about Hondo Nuevo here.