Visitors to the American Correctional Association Conference on February 6-11 in Long Beach, CA will have the chance to view Norix Furniture’s newest products for detention environments and have the opportunity to watch video interviews with architects that Norix worked with on a project aimed at humanizing a California correctional facility.

San Diego County Women’s Detention Facility (SDCWDF) is a $221 million project that is currently being constructed on a 45-acre site in Santee, CA. When complete, SDCWDF will include 25 buildings, 1,216 beds and more than 500,000 square feet of building floor space including housing units, administration facilities, medical facilities, food service areas, a visitation center, a learning resource center and accommodations for employment programs and other services.

The design, aesthetics and experience of SDCWDF falls in line with an emerging trend in corrections. This new trend makes use of color, art and landscaping to create a more normalized environment to benefit both inmates and staff. It also makes use of furniture that is more aesthetically pleasing, made of materials other than steel and is more residential in appearance. This humanistic approach to design is believed to decrease inmate violence and reduce recidivism rates.

More than 3,000 Norix furniture pieces – including beds, tables, chairs and video visitation products –will be used at the facility.

“I think they knew Norix for its durability and the fact that we are forward thinking,” said Sandy Heitman, Norix Furniture Project Manager, who will be at the Norix ACA booth. “But in this case, it was all about timing. Just as we were giving our furniture a softer look without giving up durability, the team was looking to create a facility that incorporated that same philosophy.”

At booth number 229/231, Norix will play videos that show footage of this new facility – including large-scale artwork, tiled floors, beautiful landscaping and aesthetically pleasing furniture – while project architects discuss the thought process behind the facility design.

“The new Norix product lines are progressive, pleasing and markedly a large step forward for correctional furnishing,” Paul Chastant, an architect who worked with the owners to plan the approach for the ultimate design of the facility, said. “Our companies, including Norix, have invested a lot with the hope that what we are building in San Diego will be the future of corrections. SDCWDF is unique. Very unique.”

Visitors to the booth also will have the opportunity to watch a series of durability videos where Norix products are put up against a jackhammer, 103 mph fastballs and a two-ton Toyota Highlander. Products on display at the booth will include:

Hondo Nuevo® SeriesA new line of unique furniture that combines superior durability, comfort and style and includes chair, bench and wedge options that allow for flexible, modular seating arrangements.

Attenda® BedThis bed is molded in high-impact polymer, then filled with rigid structural foam. Its seamless construction comes with rounded corners and is easy to clean. Bolt-down installation for safety and security is available.

Custody Sealed Seam Mattress — Custody Series mattresses feature 100% sealed seams that are radio frequency welded and guaranteed not to break – for enhanced hygiene, security and durability.

CorrecTableLightweight folding table designed for daily use. Versatile and portable for use in staff areas, classrooms, training rooms and other areas.  

Read our San Diego County Women’s Detention Facility case study to learn more about the project.

For more information on the American Correctional Association, visit its website.