Furniture BlogWelcome to the new Norix Furniture blog. Well, let’s not call it new. Let’s call it version 2.0.

Launched in 2012, the Safe Environments blog seeks to provide valuable information that serves and engages the architect and design community, and facility managers in healthcare, government, military, educational, and corrections institutions, as well as other organizations and individuals.

And we still plan to do that, but with updated, modern design that gives you more content options and a format that is easier on the eyes. Maybe most important is the blog now has a responsive design. This means it will be optimized for whatever device you’re using. Whether it is a wide monitor on your desktop, an iPad or other tablet or your mobile phone, you will now get the full experience of our blog without being swept away to a mobile version of the site.

For example, on most desktop screens and laptops, visitors will get a wide, three-column layout, featuring our most recent content in the left column, the “Posts You Might Have Missed” in the middle and a right hand column that allows you to connect with us on social media and view our latest videos.

Tablet users also will get the three-column layout, but the columns will be narrower. However, the headline and body text will stay the same size so you won’t have to squint like you do on blogs and websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Mobile phone users will see the three columns condensed to one column – the left column appearing first, with the middle and right column appearing after in a single file. And while the headline text will become somewhat smaller, the body text of the post will stay the same size as the desktop versions, giving you a true mobile reading experience.

And aside from the responsive design, the blog also now has more space between lines of text, gives you related posts to the left when reading a story and includes a new navigation structure that gets you to the content you want quicker and with fewer clicks.

Lastly, the content is presented in a “card” format, much like you would see on the social media platform Pinterest. This kind of presentation allows you to easily scan the content and pick out the stories that are most important to you.

But that is just the specifications. We would like to hear from you? What do you think about the new look, and how do you think it functions on mobile devices? Let us know in the comment section below.