To give facilities the ability to create highly customized configurations from one product line, Norix® is pleased to announce the release of Terra, a seating series with a wide assortment of options that give customers a one-stop shopping experience for highly durable and aesthetically pleasing integrated seating.

“Terra is a durable and safety-conscious seating solution that allows customers to choose from a wide range of options to meet of variety of aesthetic and functional needs,” Brad Karl, Norix® Marketing Manager, said. “We believe this is important and that Norix® is uniquely qualified to deliver on this promise. Norix® has honed a specialized design perspective that delivers robust durability with distinct attention to safety. And we believe a therapeutic environment can and should include aesthetically pleasing, residential design.”

Terra is applicable to behavioral healthcare and general healthcare settings, as well as other environments such as education and other commercials spaces where constant-use can be tough on furniture products. The series is versatile, safe and attractive and is designed to be used for areas such as welcoming and waiting, patient day rooms, therapy rooms, dining, intake, visitation, lobbies and beyond.

“The ability to customize options both aesthetically and functionally is a tremendous advantage,” Karl said. “This allows facilities to differentiate spaces while maintaining continuity.”

In particular, Terra includes the following options:

  • 22 inch and 30 inch wide seats
  • Three arm options, including open, half upholstered and fully upholstered
  • Tamper-resistant security hardware for safety and security
  • Tamper-resistant, non-removable floor glides
  • The choice of black, taupe or silver frames
  • Arm caps in black and taupe polyurethane, or maple, teak and walnut wood color
  • Double stitching with no exposed staples for additional security
  • The ability to connect the chairs for tandem seating
  • Enclosed bottom panel for security
  • Hundreds of upholstery options

“While upholstered products like Terra are not meant for your most intensive-use environments, this series endeavors to mitigate the vulnerabilities inherent in typical upholstered furniture by including specialized design features. Nobody does that like Norix® does,” Karl said.

Go to our website to download literature, watch a video and learn more about Terra.