May is Mental Health Awareness Month and an excellent opportunity to raise awareness to the appropriate levels of support and care that is needed.  By creating a shared vision of safety and support for ourselves and others, mental health can make long-needed strides towards understanding communities.

NAMA (National Alliance on Mental Health) promotes awareness this month with the message “You Are Not Alone.”  May is a perfect time to focus on the healing value of connecting in safe ways, prioritizing mental health, and acknowledging that it’s okay not to be okay.

You Are Not Alone Mental Health Awareness Month

Dedicated to Bringing Together Safety & Humanized Furniture Design

Norix is a trusted supplier of furnishings to support hundreds of mental health facilities across the United States and beyond.  Over the years, the shift towards safe and humanized furniture specifically designed to help these facilities has grown substantially.  This growth represents a clear shift from private and government agencies to the need for dignified environments that promote healing.  

Norix at NAMI Walks
Norix Representative, Stacy Craig and Ouiser getting some steps in for NAMI Walks to help raise awareness.

Introducing Our Prodigy Bedroom Furniture

“As Norix looks for ways to continually innovate, the mental health sector is a clear and obvious challenge that we continually engage in,” said Brad Karl, Director of Marketing.  “Responding to requests for such environments has led Norix to develop products such as Prodigy, a home-like bedroom furniture set that is not only safe but is similar in appearance to furniture you would find at home.”

As a company, Norix is proud to be a part of a growing trend towards widespread mental health awareness.  This month, we look forward to helping spread the message and take the time to consider our role in benefiting our communities in the products that we provide.