The risk is clear.  In an environment where restraint rings are necessary, you must factor in the dangers that come with them.  In the push towards ligature-resistant environments, restraint rings pose a clear and present risk.

The team at Norix recognized the potential hazard and has developed a unique solution:  The removable restraint ring.

The concept is simple and effective.  As an option for our industry-leading Attenda series of seclusion room furniture, the removable restraint rings offer the flexibility to be anchored or removed quickly.

Removal of the restraint ring requires a key.  Once it is removed, the bolt and spacer together are used to fill the gap once occupied by the restraint ring eliminating a potential ligature point.

Increase Safety and Create a More Humanized Environment

The removal of the restraint rings is a definite step-up in safety, but the often overlooked benefit is a more humanized environment.

The mere presence of restraint rings can have the potential to increase anxiety and stress in a resident.  With the ability to remove them, staff now can foster a calmer setting when possible.

Watch the video to learn more about the use of removable restraint rings.

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