Corrections officers working in jails that utilize the new video visitation systems have high praise for the technology which benefits both staff and inmates, but in different ways.

Benefits of Video Visitation

As recently reported, the Weber County Jail in Utah felt an immediate positive impact when it made the switch from contact visitation to video visitation. Among the benefits described by corrections staff is a reduction of risk to guards and other personnel, a decrease in noise levels inside the jail, and a greater sense of calm among inmates.  Norix InteleStation® cabinetry provides a secure housing for the sophisticated electronic telecommunications equipment.

Both the Standard-Examiner, and FOX-13 NEWS in Utah interviewed jail officials to report on the growing trend towards video visitation. Watch the You Tube video of the TV news story below, or connect to the December 2011 story on the Standard-Examiner  website where Sheriff Terry Thompson discusses more benefits of video visitation.

Check out the News Story Below about Video Visitation Technology in Jails:

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