Behavioral healthcare facilities have traditionally had little choice in aesthetics when it comes to designing for their environment. Of all considerations, safety and durability were, and still are, paramount. Behavioral healthcare facilities face a unique problem; patients often attempt to use their environment to harm themselves or others.

This unfortunate fact has led to institutional-looking environments that more resemble a correctional facility than a place of healing. Evidence suggests that warm, colorful, home-like environments better serve patients and staff in healthcare environments.

Norix has pioneered an evolution in bridging the gap between safety and humanized healthcare environments with the Prodigy bedroom furniture line.

Prodigy furniture closely resembles home furniture but features cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing processes that meet intensive-use environments’ needs. New technology and manufacturing processes have resulted in Tru-Grain technology. Tru-Grain is a polymer recreation of natural wood that is visibly indistinguishable, even at close inspection. The natural color variation and textures of Tru-Grain recreate a furniture look that is as old as man-kind has been manipulating wood.

Prodigy is integral in creating a bedroom setting that lends to rest and mental relaxation without sacrificing safety. Prodigy prevents intentional destruction and manipulation with a reinforced polymer, one-piece construction. The design and exclusive floor mounting system mitigate ligature points to defeat self-harm. The bedroom set endures constant use, is easy to clean, and gives peace of mind to patients and staff.

Stress, anxiety, irritability, and multitudes of other emotions are all part of the human experience. We can all relate to times in our lives, in unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances, that these feelings become pronounced. “Make yourself at home” has become a common phrase to help defeat the distressing absence of one’s proper place of being.

An unfortunate reality is that 26% of individuals, 18 and older, have a diagnosable mental disorder. For those who require in-patient treatment, we can now take a giant leap in helping to reduce the unpleasantness of being away from home with the help of Prodigy. Previous to Prodigy, administrators often attempted to visually distract from institutional, steel-constructed furniture bolted to flooring and walls. Prodigy replaces dreary-looking furniture and becomes a warm and inviting focal point for the room.

Prodigy home-like bedroom furniture removes institutional-looking furniture and provides a dignified space to help minimize stress, anxiety, and irritability. Facilities staff are allowed confidence knowing bedroom areas are clean, safe and secure, and medical practitioners can focus on treatment and healing.

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