Norix, the leading innovator in heavy-use furniture for over 35 years, has gained the trust of thousands of facilities throughout North America and beyond.  Norix consistently exceeds expectations for furniture provided to justice, transitional Housing, and behavioral healthcare facilities.

Issues in furnishing challenging environments span across industries and facilities.  While each facility may stress the importance of one or two unique features over others, they all share the need for durability and ROI.

Norix mattresses are a prime example of long-term value in Norix products.  Years of research in manufacturing technology, such as RF welding and materials have created a collection of mattresses that surpass expectations in any environment.  Mattresses are often a pain-point for administrators due to their intended purpose; to maintain a clean and comfortable sleeping and rest surface.  Unlike other Norix products, mattresses pose a unique challenge in that they cannot be made with hard and sturdy impact-resistant materials. Instead, Norix mattresses, like any other mattress, must provide some cushion for the user’s comfort.  

Taking the challenge head-on, Norix developed a mattress line to accommodate various scenarios to maximize safety while providing long-term value and ROI.  Highly secure mattresses feature fiber cores, with radio frequency welded seams guaranteed not to break (Custody Series Mattresses).  For dorm room mattresses and transitional housing needs, sewn seams with foam cores (with or without innerspring) are the top choice.  

One-size-fits-all mattresses for institutional settings are often deployed in these various scenarios.  They are budget-friendly options, and often purchased on a recurring basis due to their longevity.  Facilities understand and accept the fact that mattresses wear out at rapid rates and are continuously replenished.

Norix highly durable mattresses are the better option for long-term ROI.  Analysis has concluded that widely available and cheaper mattresses wear out at a rate of up to 5 times faster or more than Norix mattresses.  

An analysis concludes that the additional lifespan value far exceeds the upfront cost of higher quality Norix products.  While individual facility use may vary, the longevity of Norix products is often the most economical solution.  

Don’t forget to consider the additional procurement costs and disposal fees on regularly swapping out beds.  Costs add up quickly when you consider labor, shipping, and other costs associated with rapidly deteriorating mattresses. 

When it comes to choosing furniture or mattresses for your facility, consider the exceptional track record of Norix products.  The continued success of Norix is dependant on administrators’ trust in Norix innovation over the years. As Norix products continue to evolve, rest assured that our dedication to the highest quality in furnishings is paramount.