Healthcare StoriesThe American Medical Association takes a new stand on obesity, while one company uses crowdfunding to invest in healthcare innovation. And why are Americans paying so much in medical expenses? The New York Times explains. Read more in the “Five Healthcare Stories You Might Have Missed in June.”

Obesity Now Classified as a Disease

In what was destined to be a controversial move, the American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease. Read more from Health Policy Solutions.

Why is the United States the World Leader in Healthcare Expenditures?

Stories from patients who had colonoscopies lend evidence to why Americans pay so much in healthcare costs. Read more from the New York Times.

Mental Health Treatment Reduces Recidivism and Saves Money, Study Finds

Out patient treatment for people with mental health problems reduces arrest rates and saves tax dollars, research from North Carolina State University, RTI International and the University of South Florida shows. Read more from North Carolina State University.

Crowdfunding Healthcare Innovations

Will crowdfunding provide a significant financial impact on the innovations we see in the healthcare sector in years to come?  VentureHealth, a company whose mission is to “dramatically transform clinical outcomes by capitalizing breakthrough innovations,” thinks so. Read more from Information Week.

Entrepreneur Predicts Future of Healthcare Technology

Democratization of medical knowledge? Consolidated patient information? Those are just two of the seven healthcare technology predictions made by HealthTap’s head of product Sean Mehra. Read more from

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