A recently published case study discusses the furniture selection process for The Texas Township Fire Department in Kalamazoo, Michigan after recent building renovations.

Texas Township Fire Department Due to a recent evaluation, The Texas Township Fire Department discovered they needed to have an on-site firefighting staff 24 hours a day to meet response-time standards. However, they lacked on-site housing facilities for 24-hour staffing. Therefore, the Texas Township Fire Department needed to expand and provide additional sleeping quarters, and common rooms to accommodate both genders.

After the building renovations were completed, the furniture selection process for the new sleeping quarters began.

Firefighter Dan Koop first learned of Norix intensive use furniture at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) a year earlier.

I did a lot of research, and couldn’t find anything close to it,” said Koop. “We thought it was important to have both comfort and quality. So many residential furniture pieces looked like they wouldn’t hold up – it would be a disservice to tax payers if we had to keep replacing the furniture

Norix worked with Koop to furnish the two bedrooms with 2 beds each – one room for full-time firefighters and one for volunteers using the Titan Series Beds, Titan Series Nightstands, Titan Series Wardrobes, and Titan Series Desks. Norix Titan Series Steel Case Goods offered strength, institutional durability, bedbug resistance, and institutional durability.

We were able to fit four beds, two night-stands, a double wardrobe, three single wardrobes, and a desk into those two rooms,” added Koop.

Norix’s fire station furniture met the requirements of comfort and quality that weren’t found in other residential furniture pieces. The furniture is designed to endure 24/7 use, providing the long-term value that was desired by Koop and The Texas Township Fire Department. Overall, the unique fire station furniture offered institutional durability in a residential look.

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