Getting more than one purpose out of a single space isn’t just convenient, it’s cost efficient. Facilities with less square footage to work with require furniture that can easily transform a room from group-focused to private or one-on-one sessions. 

As of late, these facilities have hit roadblocks in finding a simple, yet effective solution that keeps a space dynamic. 

The Integra Chair does just that. 

Its versatility and customizable appearance not only humanizes challenging environments, but keeps areas adaptable.

Read on to learn how you can get more out of your seating and ultimately create spaces that empower connection.

An Origin Story Rooted In Durability 

For us, the Integra Seating Series began when Rick Karl came across a curious oddity at NeoCon back in 1983. The Integra Chair featured at the event was a one-piece injection molded plastic chair. Today, we tend to think of a plastic chair as nothing more than lawn furniture. But back in the 1980’s this concept was completely unheard of; especially one possessing this level of durability. 

Rick left the conference with an abundance of inspiration. After flying home and filling in his wife, Heather, they started their own company. And betting everything they had on the possibility of success in the process. From the bank to distributors, Rick and Heather were doubted at every turn – until a single export manager vouched for them at the manufacturing company known as Sebel. He explained that while the chair could be distributed through bigger companies, the young couple would be a better fit. 

After all, they were putting everything on the line to make this dream into a reality.

And the rest is history. Today, the Integra Chair is a must in facilities from behavioral health to corrections and transitional housing and beyond. 

How Integra Chairs Improve Challenging Environments

Why is a single chair so essential in these kinds of environments? The answer may not be as complicated as you might think. 

Behavioral Healthcare

Finding healthcare furniture that promotes safety, comfort, and can withstand hospital-grade cleaners isn’t always a walk in the park. Patients and staff alike benefit from the strong, yet lightweight properties Integra brings to the table. Because it’s molded in one piece no assembly is required and the risk of components coming loose is eradicated. The chair is designed for intensive use applications and transforms any room into a safe space for group or individual use. 


One could argue that Justice-focused facilities benefit the most from Integra Chairs. As the industry shifts towards the Direct Supervision management style, officers are given the opportunity to understand how inmates utilized community spaces. Getting to know these dynamics highlights the need for flexible seating to better incorporate training, therapy, and programming. 

As a result these facilities have quickly adopted the chair into their overall layout design. Its lightweight, stackable versatility and durable make continues to keep these environments as safe and comfortable as humanly possible. 

Transitional Housing

Infection control is always a top priority for transitional housing. The Integra Chair features a smooth surface to make routine cleaning and sanitization easier than ever. Taking a look behind the design, this chair is highly durable and engineered to support the constant demands safe haven environments call for; making it perfect for transitional shelter dorms, group homes, and more. 

Comfortable, Durable, & Reliable

Robust furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, but in the case of the Integra Chair, less is more. This single piece chair gives any space the breathing room it needs to become a true multipurpose environment. It’s lightweight and stackable to help your staff transition as the day unfolds. Easy to clean and even easier to style, you rest assured that all parties will benefit from this attractive, durable seating solution. 

Ready to reconfigure your facility with the Integra Chair? Speak with a local Norix representative today and get your custom quote!