A camp near Grand Rapids, MI that provides camping opportunities to those with disabilities recently purchased Norix Furniture products to outfit two cabins used by children. Indian Trails Camp allows individuals – ages 5 to 70 – with cerebral palsy, down-syndrome, autism, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, among other disabilities to enjoy activities such as archery, music, dances, swimming, competitive sports “and most of all, the opportunity to make friendships and build relationships that affirm and encourage greater self-discovery,”

“Our mission at Indian Trails Camp is to provide individuals with disabilities an enriched life experience through recreation, advocacy and meaningful relationships,” Tim Hileman, Executive Director at Indian Trails Camp, said.

According to consultative sales specialist Doug Brower, Indian Trails Camp had previously been using beds made of wood and was looking to move to a product that was more durable and made of different material.

“Beds made of wood can sometimes present problems such as bed bug infestation, and oftentimes they are not as durable as other products,” Brower said. “Indian Trails was looking to purchase furniture that helped them overcome their furniture issues while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look.”

Hileman added that when it comes to furniture, camps can present unique challenges that often are not found in other environments.

“We needed durable furniture because it has to last throughout the year in a camp setting,” Hileman said. “Being in a camp setting can cause furniture to wear more quickly because of its constant use and proximity to the outdoors.”

After meeting with Brower, Indian Trails Camp decided on 20 Titan® Bunkable Panel Base Beds and 20 Titan® 3-drawer chests that are now installed in two cabins that are occupied by children. Khaki was the color that was chosen because it helped the product blend in with the wood paneled floors and walls.

“Titan was a great choice for them because it provides maximum durability and flexibility,” Brower said. “They started with beds and drawers, but in the future they may need desks or wardrobes, and Titan® provides those. And since the beds they chose are bunkable, they have the option of creating bunk beds which won’t take up additional floor space.”