The need for durable furniture is common. Any environment in which furniture is subjected to more than normal household usage will require more robustly built furnishings. Norix Furniture is created especially for these environments.

The Game Changes, however, when users are intentionally trying to destroy furniture. Jails and prisons grapple with this reality every day.

“First and foremost, we design furniture that is safe for inmates and staff,” says Peter Graves, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Without that, you don’t have an environment conducive to rehabilitation.”

Prison furniture must be tamper-resistant. It must feature ganging, allowing facilities to secure individual pieces together to form larger, immovable pieces. Ballasting secures the furniture further, allowing facilities to add additional weight to the pieces so they cannot easily be used as a projectile or barricade.

Peter Graves offers his insight into the challenges of creating justice furniture.

Norix designs innovative, robust furniture that meets the real-world need for humanizing challenging environments.  As an innovative leader in justice furniture, administrators trust Norix furniture as the standard for safety and durability.  Aside from its durability, Norix products also come in aesthetically pleasing designs and colors and are made especially for facilities that require furniture that can humanize their environments.  Norix has partnered with jails, prisons, and corrections facilities for over 35 years to help create safe and humanized environments for inmate rehabilitation and staff well-being.