Corrections StoriesCorrectional facilities might be “10 years behind” in terms of technology, as one official admits, but strides are being made. MP3 players are making their way into prisons and inmates are posting their reviews of facilities on In other news, New York City is changing the way it disciplines mentally ill patients, and celebrities turned out to show their support for the arts in correctional facilities.

MP3 Players Making their Way Into the Hands of Inmates

They can help control prison populations. They are safer than CDs and tape players. They decrease the importation of contraband. Those are a few of the reasons prison officials like having MP3 players in their facilities. Read more from Spin Magazine.

NYC Changing Discipline Measures for Mentally Ill

New York City plans to provide counseling, medication and other services to mentally ill inmates with discipline issues. The initiative is part of the city’s effort to assist in treating the “disproportionate number of mentally ill inmates in the city’s jails.” Read more from the New York Times.

How Many Stars Would You Give It?

Looking for reviews on your local P.F. Chang’s? How about your local prison? Inmates and others are now bringing their voices to to post reviews of correctional facilities. Read more from the Washington Post.

Celebrities Bring the Arts to Prisons

Tim Robbins, of “Shawshank Redemption” fame, and other celebrities voiced their support for the arts in prisons as part of the rehabilitation process. Read more from the Los Angeles Times.

California May Soon Be Giving Condoms to Inmates

On Thursday, the California State Assembly passed a bill that would allow the distribution of condoms to inmates. Although “sexual activity among prisoners is deemed illegal,” proponents of the bill said the effort would decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases. Read more from the Los Angeles Daily News.

Dustin Coleman is a brand journalist for Norix Furniture and a contributor to the Safe Environments blog.