willie75Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by Willie Carmarillo (right), Norix Furniture’s Project Manager – Installation Division.

Factory InstallationWouldn’t it be great to have the ability to rewire our home’s electrical system, fix our computer at work, master our kids’ algebra assignments and prepare the meanest baked lasagna ever? Sure it would be.

However, even the handiest of handy men and women reach a point when they throw their hands up in defeat, realizing they needed to call in a professional to take care of a project from the start.

Now, it might just take some elbow grease, a socket set, a screwdriver, and a hammer to assemble department store furniture. But it takes a high level of expertise to install and assemble intensive-use products in correctional, healthcare, educational, law enforcement, military and commercial environments where continuous use is a factor to consider. In fact, improper installation can lead to unnecessary wear and tear, leading to possible break down of furniture and injury. It also can create a poor aesthetic in a facility that is otherwise characterized by sound design and structural integrity.

That’s why a factory authorized installation is a wise alternative for those facilities that do not have an experienced team for the installation of their new furniture products. Below we give you three advantages to leaving this part of the product life cycle to the professionals.

Full scope of work

It’s not just a matter of tucking chairs in the corner and asking for your signature upon receipt. At Norix, our professional installation team does everything from start to finish for a complete carefree installation. It’s one-stop shopping, and includes all of the little things you may not have thought of when you bought the products. Our scope of work can include, but is not limited to:

  • Preparing a detailed scope-of-work document
  • Project scheduling and coordination
  • Coordinating shipping and delivery
  • Meeting the delivery truck, off-loading and staging the furniture
  • Distributing the furniture throughout the facility
  • Un-installing and removing of previous furniture, if requested
  • Assembling the furniture to specifications
  • Installing all tamper-resistant mounting hardware provided
  • Anchoring furniture to walls and floors
  • Removing all packing materials and debris
  • Caulking and filling gaps with security caulk, if requested
  • Conducting a walk-through with a facility representative to obtain final sign-off

Installed by professionals

iyc300For its factory installations, Norix has contracted with Largo Associates – a company with more than 20 years of experience in placing intensive-use furniture in occupied facilities, and in a variety of environments.

They are familiar with the complete Norix furniture line and each professional has been factory-trained. Additionally, Largo Associates is the only factory authorized installer of Norix furniture products. Facilities where our team has successfully installed furniture include:

  • U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Veterans Administration Medical Centers & Domiciliaries
  • U.S. Departments of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)
  • United States Marshall Service
  • State Departments of Corrections (Maine, Massachusetts, Florida)
  • State of New York Dormitory Authority
  • State of Florida, Department of Child & Family Services
  • Georgia Department of Mental Health
  • North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers
  • Union & Gospel Rescue Missions
  • Catholic Charities
  • Marriott Corporation

Full Warranty

All Norix products come with a 5-year limited replacement warranty for those rare cases where our furniture does meet the standards that we place upon it. This warranty not only protects your actual furniture but also the installation services if you purchased them.

What does that mean for you, our customers? In the rare case that our installation services do not perform the way intended we will send a team to correct the installation for you at no additional cost. In this regard, factory installation and the warranty that covers it, ensures that your furniture continues to work properly throughout the lifespan of the product, as specified, and required by Norix.

Admittedly, factory installation is not free, but it makes sense for those operations that do not have the luxury of experienced, in-house teams, that can install furniture for them.

Download our Factory Installation Brochure to learn more about our installation services.