Pine RestA behavioral healthcare facility in Grand Rapids, MI recently renovated one of its units in an attempt to create a welcoming space that was aesthetically pleasing and helped with the healing process of patients. To accomplish this task, the facility decided to purchase Norix® products along with artwork that complimented the furniture selections.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is a full-service behavioral healthcare facility that offers addiction treatment services, community outreach programs, forensic psychiatric and psychological services and other mental health assistance. The mission of the facility is to “express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing behavioral health services with professional excellence, Christian integrity, and compassion,” according to its website.

Pine Rest decided to completely renovate one of its inpatient units for acute patients and implement a purposeful design that was evidence-based.

“Historically, behavioral healthcare units that are attached to medical centers get leftover space which generally wasn’t designed for their needs,” Heather Treib, Director of Operations of Hospital-Based Services, said. “At Pine Rest, we were able to design floor plans around the needs of our patients and staff.”

Doug Brower, Norix® consultative sales specialist, contacted Pine Rest and learned that the facility was planning the renovation. Brower presented samples of the Forté™ Series Seating, which the facility felt could help them create a safe and therapeutic environment.

“They wanted furniture that was going to be safe for the patients and staff and that wasn’t institutional in appearance,” Brower said. “Forté™ was attractive to them because the colors are inspired by nature and are designed to contribute to a healing environment. It’s an aesthetically pleasing product that is highly durable, even with the upholstery option.”

As an addition to the renovation, Pine Rest also decided to purchase artwork that fit in with the aesthetics of the rooms and coordinated with the Norix® furniture.

“With this renovation, we wanted to create a healing and therapeutic environment,” Treib said. “This can be a challenge because furniture typically found in facilities like ours is often very institutional-looking and not welcoming at all. We really liked the Norix® color options and we thought we could find artwork that would match up well with it.”

Download our Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services case study to learn more about the renovation project and the furniture and art that was installed there.